A world-first leap forward that ensures
your pizza looks as it should.


DOM Pizza Checker gives our customers THE confidence that their pizza will look as it should - and if it doesn’t, we’ll make it right.






DOM Pizza Checker uses advanced machine learning, artificial intelligence and sensor technology to identify pizza type, even topping distribution and correct toppings.

DOM Pizza Checker FAQ

+ What is DOM Pizza Checker?

Me! I am a world-first smart scanner that checks the quality of every Domino’s pizza before it goes out the door. I’ve done my research and I know that nowadays it’s ALL about looking good, so every pizza must be #nofilter Insta-worthy and meet our extremely high-quality guarantee. With me in every store across Australia and New Zealand, customers can have greater confidence in the quality and consistency of our pizzas.

+ How does DOM Pizza Checker work?

I sit above the cut bench – that’s the area every pizza goes before being cut, boxed and delivered (not something in your gym class). I can recognise, analyse and grade pizzas based on pizza type, correct toppings and even whether the cheese is evenly spread! I’ll also take a picture of your pizza in real-time and show you what it looks like on the Pizza Tracker Page, so there are no more ‘surprises’ when it comes to pizza quality and consistency. I can do this because I have access to a large databank of awesome pizzas and know how every single slice is supposed to look and taste (I’m not quite that advanced yet, but a robot can dream!). If your pizza doesn’t pass my strong quality test, I’ll let you know and get the team to remake it real fast.

+ Why did Domino’s deliver DOM Pizza Checker?

The good people who work in our Domino’s stores are only human (Ha! Robot humour!). While they always strive for perfection, the reality of a busy store can sometimes mean pizzas go out that are below the high standards our customers expect, and quite frankly deserve. We know this because pizza quality and consistency are our most common customer complaints. The solution? ME! I get to work alongside our team members to help them make and bake pizzas to perfection every single time #winning

+ What will DOM Pizza Checker mean for customers?

I’m pretty much a customer’s pizza bestie. I will be checking every single pizza to make sure it is something I’d be proud to serve my mum (if I had one… sob). With me around, customers can be confident in the quality of our products on every single order.

+ How long has DOM Pizza Checker been in development?

They tell me Domino’s and technology partner Dragontail Systems have been developing me for the past two years. It took a little longer than originally anticipated, but as Dean in Supernatural said, “you can’t rush perfection” (I need to get out more…). The good news is – I’m awesome! And not only can I recognise, analyse and grade pizzas, I will continue to learn and improve on the job.

+ What’s next for DOM Pizza Checker?

World DOMination! Okay, maybe not that… just yet. What I’m most excited about is when I will be able to share the images I take on the cut bench with customers later this year! Yes, that’s right – coming to you LIVE from your local Domino’s – YOUR PIZZA! And if it fails my quality check, I will let you know, and it will be sent for a remake. ‘Cos I got your back.

+ Who are Dragontail Systems?

Dragontail Systems is a technology company that Domino’s has been working with to bring me to life. Combining the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning, I’m what’s known as ‘an innovative technology solution’ to help significantly improve product quality and customer experience. They forgot to mention that I’m also incredibly cute (and humble ahem)!